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This book synthesizes the findings from the NSF-funded Arctic LTER project based in Toolik Lake, Alaska, a site that has been active since the mid-1970s.

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Oregon State University, LANDSCAPE PLANTS, Vol. 3 The site contains images and information on over 900 landscape plants, mostly woody, listed in alphabetical order by genus. Plants may also searched by their common name.

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Palm | Definition of Palm by Merriam-Webster 1: any of a family (Palmae synonym Arecaceae) of mostly tropical or subtropical monocotyledonous trees, shrubs, or vines with usually a simple stem and a terminal.

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Nypa fruticans (nipa palm) The spread of nipa in the coastal zones of Nigeria threatens the mangrove vegetation of the zone by outcompeting and displacing the native mangrove...

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Date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera L.): An underutilized food. 1. Introduction. The tree of dates or the palm date (Phoenix dactylifera L., Family Arecaceae) has played an important role as a food security crop in the Middle East.

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palm - Wiktionary Any of various evergreen trees from the family Palmae or Arecaceae, which are mainly found in the tropics.· A branch or leaf of the palm, anciently borne.

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Monocotyledoneae - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Las monocotiledóneas (taxón Liliopsida asignado como Clase en la clasificación de Cronquist 1981, [4] 1988, [5] ) son un grupo de angiospermas que posee un solo.